We consider it important that BCS runs smoothly, now and in the future, while remaining affordable.


To keep the BCS fees as affordable as possible, so that as many missionaries as possible can use BCS for their children’s education.

Non salaried International Staff

Staff at BCS raise their own support to serve the school and the mission community. BCS therefore makes it a priority of keeping charges to staff as low as possible, in order to reduce all unnecessary financial costs to be a BCS staff Member.

Lower fees for WEC/MEAO members

WEC/MEAO funded and built the school and take the responsibility for the running of BCS and so they have a lower fee structure. Nevertheless, WEC/MEAO members ‘Running costs fees’ are not subsidised by other students’ fees however ‘Academic fees’ and ‘Equipment fees’ may be. This recognises the investment and support provided by WEC to the school.

No Debt

BCS does not go into debt. It is important that income and reserves always cover expenditure, and that BCS never spends funds that it does not have.

Good Stewardship

BCS aims to practice good stewardship of the funds entrusted to BCS. BCS wishes to spend funds effectively.

When fixing charges, purchasing items or undertaking major investments, BCS aims for long term benefit rather than short term savings.

Saving for the Future

BCS saves for current equipment replacement and future equipment needs. BCS saves funds now, so that when equipment is needed in the future BCS already has the funds to do it.

Major Projects

BCS acts in faith for all ‘major projects’. Once a project is decided upon, BCS acts in faith by saving regularly and by mobilising prayer to see that all that is needed is raised. When BCS know about a specific project, BCS would want to begin to save towards it, but the idea would never be to save all the money through BCS charges.