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Team Link: March / April 2020 – School Closures

On Saturday, 14 March, the Senegalese Government closed all schools and universities in Senegal for three weeks. Even though we are not a registered school in Senegal, the BCS Leadership Team in consultation with the Senegal Branch Leaders felt we needed to comply with this preventative measure.

We closed the school on 16 March for four weeks, due to the timing of Easter and school is scheduled to resume on 14 April. We essentially shifted our Easter break up two weeks and extended it by one week. If the Senegalese Government extends the school closure, we will need to comply and adjust our school calendar again. The parents of the boarding children were able to come very quickly to get their children. Most students were picked up on Monday and Tuesday. The sudden change in our schedule and plans happened very smoothly and we appreciate the cooperation of all involved.

The staff are at ease with the change and are enjoying an early Easter break even though there are some recommended restrictions on places we can go. There were no cases of Coronavirus near us (that we know of) and no one from the school was ill. We are hopeful that school will resume as planned so that we can finish this school year well.

We are so thankful that our faithful, good God is in control and we trust Him with everything. We pray that you all have God’s peace in your heart and that he protects you during this time of uncertainty.

Praise the Lord!

Thank you all for praying for BCS Directors. God has answered our prayers! Can I get a Hallelujah?!?! There is a family that have heard God’s call and have answered YES! They are working through the process with their support branch and we are working through the process with the BCS Council and Branch Council. We ask that you pray that everyone involved in this process will know God’s guidance and make wise decisions. Pray for the family as they plan for their arrival. Once this administrative process is complete, we will introduce you to the family. But for now, thank God for the answer to our prayers and pray for the process that follows.


In the next two and a half years, we have five Senegalese staff who are reaching the retirement age. The first is Saly Sene who will be retiring at the end of July this year. She started working at the school in 2007 as a cleaning lady. The second is Cecile Diatta who will retire at the end of December this year. She started at the school in the Casamance in 1990 and has been the head chef at BCS. In the 2021 and 2022, Abasse Badji, Terese Diandy and Abdoulaye Seck will retire.

As these employees have spent many years with BCS, we want to celebrate their time here and give them something to remind them of the staff and students they served so faithfully. We would like to put together a photo book for them. If you would like to participate in this, we would love to have a photo of you/your family when you were here and a photo of you/your family now. We would like to include your names so when you send them to me, please include the names of all members of your family that are in the photo and the years that you were at BCS.

If you have other photos that you would like to share either of the workers or group photos during your time here you can send them to me. I realize that we might not get many photos for some of the workers and many photos for some others. Therefore, I may not include these in the book. Once I get the photos, I will decide how to move forward.

Please contact Michelle if you have any questions. Please send your photos to admin.bcs@gmail.com.

Facebook and Instagram

For some reason we have lost our admin rights to the BCS Facebook page and have not been able to add anything for this entire school year. We have been trying to sort that out, but in the meantime we have created an Instagram page that you can follow @bourofaye.christian.school.

Staff for 2020-2021

We have accepted some more staff, but are still needing about 5-7 staff members to complete our team.
Please see the attached list of staff needs, as well as a flyer to advertise. Please help us by talking with people
you know about BCS and posting this flyer where you can. Let us know if you have any questions.

New school calendar:

  • Easter break 16 March – 14 April
  • Travel Day 13 April
  • Start of Term 3 14 April at 8:30
  • BCS Council 14 April
  • Parents’ Forum 4 June, 13:30
  • Midterm Break 4 June after school to 9 June at 8:30
  • End of Term 3 8 July

Thank you

Thank you for your prayers and support for BCS!

Michelle Coward

BCS Director